Season 1 | Episode 8

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Semaj walked through the foyer of her home and at that moment, realized how much she had missed it. It felt good to finally be away from everyone and back in her own space. Heading over to the couch Semaj took a seat, leaned over and grabbed a picture off the glass end table. It was a picture of herself and Syir just this past year at her birthday party. Syir threw his baby sister a red carpet event and spared no expense to see her smile. Semaj was the baby of the family and by nature, Syir treated her as such. He always tried sheltering her from the things that would taint her or her image but once she became the star of her own scripted television series, her sudden catapult into A-List status changed her. She began to take Syir’s brotherly warnings as orders and she didn’t want to heed any of them. It was times like this when she missed having him around to talk to. As she held the framed picture in her hand, she began to cry before starting a conversation with her brother.

‘Sy, I fucked up. And I don’t think there’s any coming back from it. I’ve got a court date scheduled for the day after tomorrow all because I allowed Derrick to get the best of me. I can hear you now telling me how he was not for me and I should’ve left him alone a long time ago – but me being regular old Semaj just knew I had all the answers. Now look; Daddy wants me to move back in with him and Mommy and Sid volunteered to let me stay there until I get myself back together. I don’t know which is worst, going back home or moving in with Sid. I’d be surprised if we don’t kill each other within fifteen minutes of my getting there… I don’t know what to do anymore Sy. I really don’t.

I’m so sorry I didn’t come to your funeral but I know there was no way I could see you like that. There’s nothing in life that could prepare you for burying your Superman. I cried for an entire week once I heard the news. It doesn’t make any fucking sense to me! You loved everybody, who would want to take you away from us? Why?

Semaj continued to cry and talk to her brother’s picture for another half an hour until she felt calm again. It hurt her knowing she had missed her brother’s funeral but she missed it for him and nobody knew but him. It was a secret between just the two of them. As Semaj began preparing herself a meal for dinner, she got a text message from her mother reminding her about dinner tomorrow night. Semaj groaned in annoyance knowing she wasn’t ready to face her family just yet and just as she was getting ready to reply to her mother,she got an incoming text – this time from Carmen.

Opening the message, she read the text: The ball is in your court Maji – what do you want to do? And moments later she got a picture of the treatment Carmen had prepared for her family’s show. Rolling her eyes up to the ceiling Semaj threw the phone and watched as it broke against her kitchen wall. She was beyond frustrated – she was pissed. She had no idea what choice she would wind up making but she knew either way someone was going to wind up being mad at her.


Season 1 | Episode 7

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The following day

Sidora stared at her computer screen at the article that first announced Syir’s murder. Even though reading the words on the screen hurt her and caused her eyes to burn with tears she read them over and over again because it never added up to her. The cameras outside the club in the alley where Syir was murdered were out which seemed odd to Sidora especially since all the others were fully functional. The last live feed from the club showed Syir walking away from his father and answering his cell phone as he walked toward a back emergency exit. The cell phone was never recovered and the only reason Syir was found was because the bouncer who had opened the emergency exit for him realized that after almost an hour, he hadn’t see Syir come back past him. Sidora sat and remembered the exact time and place she was when she received the hysterical phone call from her father.

Sidora sat holed up in her office going over her latest disposition when her phone began ringing incessantly. The first two times she allowed her father’s calls to ring until they went to voicemail but after the third time, Sidora got a gut feeling that something was wrong and answered.

“Hey daddy, what’s up?” she asked leaning back in her chair.

“Sid, Syir! Syir! No not my boy, not my fucking boy!” Drew was screaming on the other end of the phone and Sidora could tell he was crying.

“Daddy, what’s wrong? Where’s Sy – put him on the phone.” Sidora sat straight up and immediately began to panic. Her father was not being himself and in the pit of her stomach she felt nauseous.

“Sid, he can’t!” Drew said before pulling the phone away from his ear and yelling at someone in the background. “Cover him the fuck up! You see all these fake paparazzi ass motherfuckers out here.” Drew’s tears instantly shifted into rage and Sidora began to slowly piece two and two together.

“Daddy, where are you? I’m coming to you right now!” Sidora grabbed her sweater off the back of her chair with her keys in the opposite hand and headed out of her office.

The moment Sidora got in the car and started it up she heard the radio broadcast break the story of Atlanta-rapper Syir being shot dead outside of Vanquish Lounge. Sidora immediately opened her car door and threw up the contents of her stomach from the news.

Snapping back to reality, SIdora began to feel light headed and just as she felt the urge to regurgitate, her cell phone began ringing – displaying a telephone number she had never seen before but she welcomed the distraction.

“Hello.” She answered subconsciously starting to heave.

“Sid, are you alright?” She could hear her ex-boyfriend, Joshua yell on the other end of the phone.

“No, I think I’m having a panic attack.”

“I’m like ten minutes away from your house. If you can, unlock the door for me and I’ll be right there Sid just keep talking to me.”

“Okay, Josh my chest hurts.” Sidora said to him as she walked to her front door and unlocked it.

“I know, we’ve been through this before. Just try to keep calm and breathe alright? I’m pulling onto your street now.” Sidora continued breathing heavily as she walked back over to the couch and took a seat. A few moments later, her front door opened and Joshua rushed in, his eyes quickly scanning the room for Sidora. When he spotted her on the couch, he quickly checked her pulse and then rushed into the kitchen and poured her a glass of ice water.

“Here babe, sip that.” Joshua instructed Sidora as he put the rim of the glass to her lips and helped her. Sidora graciously received the water and then wiped her mouth and looked at Joshua.

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I got you. But tell me what’s wrong Sid? I know you normally work yourself up into your attacks so what happened this time? You can you can still talk to me, you know that.” Sidora looked up into Joshua’s eyes and knew he was being sincere with her. After taking a deep breath, Sidora began to relay the story of her reading all the news reports surrounding her brother’s murder to Joshua and the minute she got through with her spiel, she caught herself. Here she was divulging her heart to him and she hadn’t even invited him over – what made him stop by?

“Wait a minute, what am I doing? Joshua, why are you even doing here?” she asked.

“You can’t be serious right now. You jump from having a full blown panic attack and being damn near on the brink of tears and then you turn around and ask me what I’m doing here? You’re funny as hell Sid.”

“I’m not trying to argue Joshua. I just asked a question.”

“You could’ve fooled the hell out of me.”

“I’m just saying it’s ironic how you manage to so-called be on your way to my house when I hadn’t even invited you over.”

“Coincidence or not I think you should be a little more grateful that I am here. Who knows what could’ve happened had I not been on my way over here.” Sidora looked at Joshua and rolled her eyes. She hated when he was right or brought up a valid point.

“Whatever, Joshua.”

“Same old Sidora. I swear you’ll never change.” Joshua chuckled to himself.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“That means when it comes to me you still try to play big shit and act like you don’t need me but you know in all actuality you do. I’m the only person in the world who can deal with your bipolar ass.” Sidora looked over at Joshua and threw a throw pillow at him. Both of them laughed and the tension in the room started to disperse.

“No really, Josh, why’d you come by?” Joshua told her he’d be right back and ran outside to his car. When he came back inside, he was holding an envelope marked confidential. Joshua threw the envelope on the couch.

“What’s this?” Sidora eyed it.

“You tell me.” Sidora scrunched her face up and picked the envelope up from where it had fallen. Breaking the seal, she took out a press release for what looked like a brand new reality show. After reading it more closely she saw that it was a press release about her family and it included all their names, including hers.

“Joshua, where the hell did you get this?” She asked searching the pages wildly until she could answer her own question. Semaj. “I’m going to kick her little bony ass.” Sidora jumped up from the couch and started looking for her car keys. Joshua saw her and immediately grabbed her by the waist to stop her from doing something stupid.

“Sid, you can’t confront her like this.”

“The hell I can’t. From the looks of things she done went and signed her name on the dotted line just so they can reboot her show next season. I know she didn’t talk to my parents about this shit and since my name is in this paperwork, that gives me the right to beat her ass.”

“Sid, it’s an unofficial release. That means no signatures have been made. This is just a draft. My editor said he ran into your sister’s agent at a party and she starting running off the gums about it.”

“Classic Carmen.” Sidora scoffed.

“Look, I’m not trying to stir up any drama between you and your family because I know you’re all still coping with Syir’s murder. I brought this to you as a head’s up.” Sidora tossed the envelope and paperwork back on the couch and looked at Joshua.

“I appreciate it. But Josh, Carmen and Semaj can’t get away with this. They’ve damn near forged my familys name on a legally binding contract. I’m an attorney, I will fight this shit.”

“So what do you want to do?”

“For the first time ever, I’m not really sure… What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Nothing why?”

“Good. You’re having dinner with the Bankstons.” Sidora smirked and began mentally plotting how she’d confront her sister.

Season 1 | Episode 6

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Back at Ava’s place Semaj held the phone to her ear while her agent Carmen Alvarez began overdramatizing her arrest.

“OhmiGod Maji are you okay? Did anybody hurt you in there? What happened babe?” Semaj rolled her eyes up to the ceiling listening to her agent talk. She was cut throat and demanding when it came to business issues but when it came to issues outside of that she could be downright theatrical and irritating.

“I’m fine Carmen. I wasn’t even in there that long – Sid came and got me.”

“Did she give you grief? You know how judgmental your sister can be at times.” Carmen sat on the other end of the phone and tooted her lips up disparagingly before taking a sip of her morning decaf. On several occasions she and Sidora had bumped heads when it came to Semaj and they couldn’t stand each other because of their strong personalities; Sidora was domineering when it came to her baby sister and Carmen was arrogant and could sometimes be intense where Semaj was involved. Semaj was one of her best clients and as such, Carmen treated her like family. For those simple reasons and more, the two women never got along they just simply tolerated each other for Semaj’s sake and she knew it.

“Know what, forget I even asked. Anyways, look Maji I’m heading over to our favorite café by Centennial Park and you need to get dressed and meet me down here.” Carmen said as if she was leaving no room for an objection.

“Carmen I haven’t been home in a couple of days. My body’s starting to get tired and I can feel a major migraine coming on… Besides, I’m over here at Ava’s and my car is parked in my garage. You live in Atlanta, so you’ll be at the café way before me. There’s no way I can walk from Norcross to Atlanta. Sorry babe.”

“Have Ava drive you. I’m not playing, Semaj. I have some serious business to discuss with you and if you ever plan on getting back on TV with a clean image, you’ll get your butt down here and look over these contracts and plans I have for you.” And with no further words Carmen disconnected the phone call. Semaj took the phone from her ear and looked at it in disbelief like she couldn’t believe Carmen had actually hung up on her. When she saw her own vanity shot staring back up at her, she knew she had and she once again grew irritated.

When Ava heard a straight five minutes of complete silence, she entered the kitchen where Semaj was sitting at the kitchen table with her hands in her hair.

“Everything cool sis?” Ava asked noticing that the look on her sister’s face read aggravation.

“No I just got off the phone with Carmen.”

“Well what’d she say? She’s not dropping you as a client right?”

“No, of course not. She just wants me to meet her in downtown Atlanta like now.”

“Okay so what’s the problem because I think I’m missing something?” Ava chuckled going in to the refrigerator and grabbing a bottled water.

“One I didn’t drive my car here and two, because I know Carmen – I don’t know, I feel like she has some kind of trick up her sleeve. She says she wants me to look over some contracts and she mentioned me cleaning my image back up but I don’t know Av, something didn’t add up over the phone.”

“Well I get what you mean, Carmen is a bit extra sometimes but you know she doesn’t play when it comes to her money. Give me five minutes to get Kennedy ready and I’ll take you downtown.” Semaj sighed heavily and nodded her head and Ava walked out of the kitchen with her water to go get Kennedy dressed.


Almost an hour later, Semaj was walking into the café and looking around for Carmen. It was midday and surprisingly not many people were lingering around inside the shop as they usually did. Semaj did however notice a camera crew huddled over in the corner and her curiosity was piqued; who were they and what were they filming?

“I see you got your butt down here.” Carmen chuckled from behind her. Semaj turned on her heels and for the first time noticed Carmen who was dressed casually in a pair of straight-legged khakis, a white blouse and a red quarter-length blazer. Today she opted for a pair of three-inch pumps instead of her usual six inches.

“Yeah Ava overheard us on the phone and brought me down here. So what’s up Carm?”

“I know you don’t expect me to discuss business standing in the middle of the floor. We’re past the elevator pitch stage, Semaj. Come on; let’s go grab our usual table.” Carmen quickly turned and strutted away leaving Semaj to follow behind her. Semaj stole a final glance over at the camera crew that was still setting up before following Carmen over to their usual niche.

“Carmen, do not play with me. That camera crew better not be here to do some damn ‘Semaj Bankston Intervention’ because I will seriously tear this whole damn place up.” Semaj said very seriously.

“Oh so you want to add damaging public property, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace to your jacket now? Well just let me know and we can get you outfitted for a Lee Arrendale State Prison jumpsuit right away.” Carmen’s voice was very sarcastic as she stared at Semaj waiting for her response.

“Cute… Seriously, Carmen, why did you call me down here? I don’t see any paperwork laid out on the table and I find it awfully coincidental that we’re here at the same time that a camera crew is setting up so if you don’t have any real business to discuss with me today – I’m out.” Semaj pushed back from the table and rose to her feet. Carmen began dramatically clapping her hands together and chuckling.

“I’m sorry to burst your little celebrity bubble Semaj but that camera crew has absolutely nothing to do with you. They’re taping a scene for one of those Atlanta-based reality shows here.”

“Oh.” Semaj said embarrassed as she eased back down into her seat. Carmen shook her head at Semaj’s ignorance and then bent down beside her and took a folder out of her briefcase and laid it on the table.

“Open it.” She said to Semaj who reluctantly opened the folder and began reading the contents. “In order for your TV show to come back on air, the producers refuse to recast your role and the writers say they love writing for you. You have a natural talent on-screen Semaj but off-screen you’re unstable.”

“Unstable?” Semaj blurted out noticeably offended.

“Yes unstable. They fired you from the show after you failed your on the spot drug test, then you get arrested for busting the window of your ex’s car and you have been known to get snippy with an interviewer once or twice. You’re an arrest away from being Lindsay Lohan and a snapshot and a paparazzi run in from being the female Kanye West. You need to be rebranded. People need to know who Semaj Bankston really is and they need to know why the baby of the Bankston clan seems to be the one with the most issues so they came to me about doing this.” Carmen set another folder on top of the tabletop and took a sheet of paper out of it. Semaj glanced at the page and her brows furrowed in confusion.

“Bankston Loyalty? What’s this?”

“The network has offered to put your show back on air if you and your family can do a successful season of your own reality television show. The Bankston family is a huge staple here in Atlanta and people want to know how the family is dealing with the death in Syir. You’re all in the media spotlight in your own careers and the network thinks the show will take all of your careers to a new plateau.”

“I don’t know how my family is going to feel about doing reality TV, Carmen. My dad is really reserved when it comes to his private life and I know Sid is going to turn it down 100%… And if Bleu has any say-so he may not let Ava do the show either.”

“It’s all of you or none of you, Semaj. If you want to revive your career you need to do this and get your whole family on board.” Semaj stared at the network contract and then at Carmen and then back at the contract. She had just had the ultimate dilemma laid on her: career or family – which would she choose?

Season 1 | Episode 5

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Drew slightly pushed his daughter to the side and eyed Detective Bellamy with a vengeance. It was no secret that the two couldn’t stand each other – in fact their feud had been long standing; stemming back to when Drew and Stormy first began to date one another. At the time, Aaron Bellamy was a young guy Stormy had grown up with and he too was vying for young Storm’s attention but there was something about Drew that intrigued Stormy a bit more. Once the two had wed and Stormy assured Aaron that they could and would never be, she and her husband had wrote Bellamy off as a memento they’d rather forget than keep but as luck would have it, the three became reunited the day Syir’s death went public. Aaron Bellamy had just made Detective with the Atlanta Police Department two years prior and Syir’s murder just so happened to fall into his jurisdiction. Now every time he came around, the tension stirred in the air thick as fog.

“I came to check in on Atlanta’s favorite family, Drew. Why else would I be here?” Detective Bellamy said smugly, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“No really, Detective Jackass, what do you want?” Drew rebutted not caring that his longtime enemy was a member of the boys in blue.

“Watch your mouth, Bankston!” Bellamy warned as if Drew cared about disrespecting him. Stormy immediately came up behind her husband and rested her well-manicured hand on the small of his back. Feeling his wife’s hand, Drew bit his tongue to keep from saying something else smart but Bellamy’s presence alone was pushing it.

“Aaron, what do you want? You better be here on official police business because if not I’ll be heading down to the courthouse to file harassment charges.”

“Come on, Storm, you know me better than that. I do have a heart – you of all people should know that.” Detective Bellamy said while a faint smirk spread across his lips. Drew immediately picked up on Bellamy’s dropped hint and was about to fire back but was stopped short by Sidora who had stepped in front of both of her parents.

“Look, I’m not sure why you’re here or how you knew my parents would be here but if you don’t have a warrant you’re not welcome inside my home and if it’s not about my brother’s murder case that you have yet to solve, then you still have no right to be here so I’m going to ask one final time: what do you want?” Detective Bellamy looked into Sidora’s eyes and knew she wasn’t joking. She had that same fire in her eyes that displayed her seriousness just like her mother and to be honest, he commended her for it. She could’ve been one of those weak women who allowed a man of higher authority to push her around but being weak wasn’t a trait found in either one of her parent’s genes. Looking at the Bankston family as they stood in front of him, Detective Bellamy knew he had better speak his piece or be escorted off the property. Regardless of how much he still loved Stormy and hated Drew he had a job that came first and he was quickly reminded of that.

“I came to talk about this latest stunt your daughter pulled last night, Bankston. The whole angry ex-girlfriend thing doesn’t look good for you guys as a family. Her arrest doesn’t fall under my jurisdiction because it happened on the city line but you should understand that officers from all over talk to one another and when they do, they speak freely… Anyway, I was over at the police hangout downtown late last night when they first booked Semaj. Her arresting officer was down there running off at the jaws and while he was talking, I was eavesdropping… All the officers have one of two theories about your daughter and her latest stunt; they think she’s either a-lashing out to distract the public from finding her brother’s true murderer, who everyone thinks is a member of this here family or b-she’s staged last night’s entire incident as a cry for help. Either way they think Syir’s murder has in-house scandal written all over it.” SLAP!

The sound of a hand colliding with the side of Bellamy’s face sounded loudly in the foyer causing everyone to look over astonishingly at the person who had done it.

“Storm!” Drew yelled staring at his wife as if she had several heads. Stormy was standing there calmly with a permanent scowl plastered on her face as she looked at Detective Bellamy. Bellamy immediately gripped the side of his face and moved his jaw around to see if he could taste blood because Stormy had hit him just that hard and he didn’t even see it coming.

“You crossed the line, Aaron and I told you before to tread lightly when it comes to my family. So in all actuality you asked for that slap.” Bellamy said nothing as he continued to stare down Stormy. “What are you going to do now; arrest me? Let’s get this damn thing over with.” Stormy placed her hands out in front of her awaiting Bellamy to whip out his handcuffs and arrest her for assaulting an officer.

“No you’ve got it Stormy. Maybe I did cross the line but you should be grateful that I came by here and even told you. Next time I won’t say anything – I’ll just wait until I see every one of your mug shots plastered all over the ten o’clock news. There’s an entire taskforce trying to piece together evidence linking each and every one of you to the murder of your son. I was being more than a detective coming here just now – I was trying to be a friend. But apparently you can’t respect or accept that as truth. I’m going to go now and no I’m not going to book you for assault but I am going to now warn you to tread lightly. Have a good day, Bankstons.” And with that Detective Bellamy turned back around and headed back to his vehicle. Drew and Sidora watched him up until the point he pulled out of her driveway and off the block before closing the door and coming back into the house.

“Mom, what the hell was that? Had that been any other officer you would’ve been in the back of that car. You’re talking about Semaj acting recklessly but look at what you just did!” Sidora yelled chastising her mother.

“It was a reaction. Nobody will disrespect my family in front of me and not face the repercussions. And remember who you’re talking to, Sid – I’m not one of your sisters.”

“No but at the end of the day you’re one of my clients and I’m going to give you the same speech I give to them.”

“I’m sorry, babe but I’ve got to side with Sid on this one. Aaron Bellamy or not that shit could’ve been a helluva worst.”

“Mommy, what happened to you just now? You’re normally the most level-headed out of us but what you just pulled was a bonehead Semaj move.” Stormy got ready to tell both her daughter and husband off but then stopped herself. Where were Semaj and Ava?

“Wait a minute you two, where are the girls? When the three of us went into the kitchen we left them in the living room and when Bellamy got here we called for them to get the door but nobody came but us. Where did they go?” Sidora quickly remembered that her sisters weren’t in the house and walked back into the living room on a mission.

“What are you doing Sid?” Drew asked his eldest daughter.

“Semaj might’ve left without saying bye but not Ava. She’s too responsible and since none of us have gotten a text from her I’m going to assume that she left some kind of note.” A few seconds later, Sid found the note on top of the coffee table.

Semaj and I need some air. I’m taking her with me. Love Av!

scrunched her face up at her sister’s brief message. She felt like Ava had totally blown her off and disregarded her saying she would look out for Semaj. Instead of blowing up right then and there, Sidora balled the note up and then turned back around and faced her parents.

“Well Sid, what did the note say?” Drew asked anxious to know where his daughters had run off to.

“Ava took Semaj with her to hang out with her and Kennedy for the day. She’ll have her back sometime this evening that’s all.”

“Oh, good. See, and here you were getting all worked up and worried.” Stormy smiled.

“Yeah, I guess I was just overreacting huh… Anywho, I’m going to go upstairs take a quick shower and then head over to my office for a little bit. I forgot a couple of files I wanted to go over this weekend.”

“That was cute that you tried to pull the work card. If you wanted us to go all you had to say was bye Mom and Dad.” Drew said putting her on the spot. Before she could try and respond, Drew kissed her forehead and then Stormy followed up with a kiss on the cheek.

“Relax, we don’t feel slighted. It’s barely twelve and today has already been a busy day for all of us. Get you some rest and tomorrow night we’ll all get together and have dinner at home, okay.” Stormy suggested.

“Yeah sure.”

“I’m serious Sid. I expect everyone to be home tomorrow by seven. No exceptions.” And with that Drew grabbed his wife’s hand and the two left the house. Sidora watched from the window as both of her parent’s pulled out of her driveway and let out a sigh. With Ava disregarding her and taking Semaj, she already knew this sister living arrangement was bound to get hectic.

“Great, more drama – just what I need.” She said to herself as she locked her doors and headed upstairs to get her shower.

Season 1 | Episode 4

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                Ava rested her head against the back of the door and let out a sigh of pure aggravation. Lately she and Bleu had been arguing and she couldn’t pinpoint when the arguments had first started. The littlest things seemed to trigger them and when it all came to a head, Bleu was always the first to storm out. Just as Ava got ready to let a tear fall from her eye she could hear footsteps descending the stairs.

                “I heard the door close. Is everything okay?”

                “Yeah, we’re good sis.” Ava said quickly swiping her face and forcing a smile in her sister’s direction.

                “Ava, I can tell you’re lying but if you don’t want to talk about it with me that’s fine. Knowing Bleu it probably had something to do with me anyway. I know he can’t stand me and I’ve told you plenty of times before that I did not like him and I don’t think you should have married him.”

                “Why do you two hate each other so much?” Ava asked sincerely wanting to know why there was always so much hostility between two people who shared her heart.

                “Because you’re a great person, Ava. You’re a terrific woman and most importantly – you’re my sister. You deserve nothing less than the best Av and I know for a fact that Bryce “Bleu” Womack is not it. He’s always seemed extremely shady to me. On TV when he’s singing songs about falling in and out of love, people fall in love with him because of how he sounds but if you really take the time out to decipher his words I know he’s not singing about you and you and Kennedy are where his inspiration should be coming from… I don’t know, Ava, maybe it’s not my place to say anything but that’s just how I feel about it. Take it with a grain of salt. After all, I am the family screw up.” Ava grabbed her sister’s hands and held them in hers while looking her in her eyes.

                “Hey, you are not a screw up. You’re just trying to find your way and it’s hard because there’s a ton of pressure on you right now but don’t worry about it. I’ve got your back and that’s never going to change, you hear me?” Faint tears began to leak from Semaj’s eyes and Ava wiped them away before they could leave a stain.

                “Everybody’s pissed with me and I honesly can’t say that I blame them.” Semaj admitted. A brief wave of silence fell between the two sisters and was broken only when Semaj’s cell phone began sounding off.

                “Who is that?” Ava asked after Semaj pulled the phone out of her pocket.

                “It’s Carmen. Excuse me sis, I’ve gotta take this.” Semaj said referring to her agent, Carmen Alvarez. While Semaj excused herself to answer the phone, Ava began picking up some of Kennedy’s toys that were strewn all over the living room. While setting a candy dish back on the coffee table, Ava came across a letter with the letterhead reading “The Bleu Factory”. From the name alone, Ava knew it had to belong to her husband so without reading it any further, she folded it up and sat it on top of the desk in his office and went back to straightening up her house.


Back at Sidora’s house, Drew, Stormy and Sidora were congregated around the kitchen table discussing Semaj and her behavior.

“Sid, be completely honest with me: do you honestly think you can handle Semaj here by yourself? You two are always bumping heads and I don’t need you two at each other’s throats 24/7.” Stormy said to her daughter.

“Ma, we’ll be fine. It’s not like I hate her anything – she’s my baby sister. We’re both hotheaded and opinionated and that’s why we’re constantly bickering. We both want to get our point across and feel like we’re the only ones who should have some say. We’ll be fine.” Sidora reiterated looking at both of her parents to make sure they understood her.

“I still think we should just get Semaj and take her home with us. Twenty-one or not she’s constantly making bad decisions and it’s us as a family who looks bad when she does.” Drew stated shaking his head from side to side.

“So that’s what this is about, Drew? The damn public? I’m sorry but I think my child’s well-being is a little more important than what some irrelevant fresh off the tit news reporter has to say. It’s obvious that Semaj needs some help and guidance and she can’t get that from being home with us; she’s going to feel alienated. For once, get your head out of the blogs and other people’s opinions and think about your family!” Stormy had gotten fed up with her husband’s attitude. It was as if he had disregarded Semaj and her feelings and simply focused on what everyone else would think of the Bankston family as a whole. Drew immediately took offense and tried to rebuttle his wife.

“I always think of this family! Any move I make is with the Bankston brand in mind.”

“We’re not a damn brand, Drew! We’re people not products. Get your head out of your ass and focus on what’s most important here – US! You, me, Sid, Ava, Semaj, Kennedy and Syir. This family has not been the same since Syir’s murder and you know it. You chose to suppress your true feelings but I know it still hurts you to the core. I know you wake up in the middle of the night and go into the study and talk to him. I know that. I know you try to bury yourself in your work to keep yourself busy. I know! I do it too. But now more than ever we all need each other.” Stormy was pleading with her husband to discard his hard exterior and turn it in in exchange for one of compassion. Drew simply put his head down and pinched the tip of his nose knowing that his wife was hit the problem dead on the head.

“You’re right Storm. We do need each other right now.” As the Bankstons got ready to discuss a new plan of action, the doorbell rang twice and jarred their focus.

“Maj! Get the door!” Sidora called out from the kitchen. When they heard no footsteps making their way towards the door and the doorbell sounded once again, all three Bankstons exited the kitchen and headed to the front door. Sidora opened the door and an instant wave of brand new aggravation swept over her.

“What do you want?” she asked the man on the other side of the door who only smirked at her and replied arrogantly.

“The Bankston family – my favorite family to see.” Drew immediately stepped up behind his daughter and made direct eye contact with the man who had been a thorn in their sides since Syir’s death – Detective Aaron Bellamy; Atlanta PD.

Season 1 | Episode 3.5 continued

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Almost forty-five minutes later, Ava was pulling onto her street. Before they could reach the driveway, Semaj noticed another vehicle parked in her sister’s spot.

“Umm, Av who’s car is that?”

“That’s Abel’s car.” Ava said referring to her husband’s accountant. Semaj didn’t like the way her sister nonchalantly replied and she quickly let her know just that.

“And? What is your husband’s accountant doing at your house before noon on a Saturday? Business days are Monday through Friday, nine to five. His ass is not exempt from that. Matter of fact, why are we just sitting here?” Semaj quipped quickly climbing out of the car and making her way to the front porch where she stood waiting for her sister to exit the car. Ava shook her head at how much of a hothead her sister was being. Following suit, Ava grabbed her keys and purse and got out of the car. Before she could reach for her house key, the front door swung open and her five year old daughter Kennedy came barreling out of the house.

“Auntie Maj!” the little girl exclaimed hugging Semaj around her waist.

“Hey boopie! Auntie missed you Ken-Ken!” Semaj beamed hoisting her up on her hip.

“I missed you too Auntie Maj.”

“Where’s your Daddy?” Semaj asked not missing a beat once they stepped inside the foyer.

“He’s in the den with Mr. Leib-witz.”

“That’s Leibowitz, baby.” Ava said setting her bag down on the hall table. Hearing the commotion in the hallway, Ava’s husband Bryce “Bleu” Womack and his accountant stepped into the hallway finishing up their conversation.

“I’ll get started on that paperwork ASAP, Mr. Womack.” Abel Leibowitz said lifting his briefcase into the air, signaling that he now had the documents in his position.

“That’s great. I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. This investment is going to be huge, I can feel it.”

“Fingers crossed. Have a good one Mr. and Mrs. Womack.” Abel said once he reached the front door, finally acknowledging Ava for the first time. Once Abel’s car pulled out of the driveway, everyone’s attention turned back to Bleu.

“Bleu.” Semaj acknowledged her brother-in-law, her tone dripping with attitude.

“Semaj.” Bleu said rolling his eyes at his wife’s sister. It was no secret that they didn’t like each other. Semaj always felt there was something shady about Bleu and Bleu felt that Semaj ran her mouth too much. With the two of them in a room together, an argument was sure to ensue.

“Ken-Ken, can you come fix Auntie’s makeup? Mommy and Daddy need to talk in private.” Semaj said grabbing her niece’s hand and leading her up the stairs. As she walked past her sister, Semaj whispered in her ear check his ass.

Once he heard Kennedy’s bedroom door closed and was assured that Semaj was out of earshot, Bleu walked over to his wife and wrapped his arms around her waist preparing to kiss her.

                “Uh uh – what was Abel doing here on a Saturday?” Ava asked stopping him dead in his tracks. Bleu immediately stepped back from his wife and looked at her confusedly.

                “Are you serious right now?”

                “Do I look like I’m doing stand-up?” Ava asked with her arms folded across her chest – a surefire sign that she meant business.

                “If it’s that important to you, I’ll tell you: I called Abel to come by because he’s helping me get a couple endorsement deals. The last album didn’t take off the way I expected it to and I’m looking to branch out. You know that. Abel knows a couple people with endorsement plugs so I was trying to get him to link me in with them. That’s all Ava.”

                “And that couldn’t wait until Monday morning?” Ava asked not letting up. She too found it suspicious that Abel just had to drop by on a Saturday. Initially she wasn’t going to make a big deal out of it but when she noticed Bleu wasn’t going to say anything about his meeting with Abel she had to bring it up.

                “Aren’t you always the person preaching “do whatever it is you have to do now because sometimes later turns into never”?”

                “Yeah because you like to procrastinate, Bryce! If you can wait until the very last minute to do something you’ll do just that because doing something ahead of schedule is like taboo to you. That’s probably why the last album didn’t do the numbers you wanted it to. Instead of getting your butt in the studio, you wanted to jet off to all these different night clubs and sporting events. No wonder it didn’t pan out for you.”

                “Oh so you’ve got the answers to everything huh Ava? Well since you do, why don’t you explain to me why your jailbird sister is here instead of in lockup? I didn’t know they released criminals on the weekends.” Bleu was obviously hurt by Ava calling him out on his procrastination so to fire back, he took shots at Semaj.

                “One that is my sister and whether you two get along or not, you’ll watch your mouth about her. Secondly do not get mad because I said the truth. You and I both know you delayed your studio time every chance you got. You’re signed under my father’s label and he has been very lenient when it comes to you but your work ethic sucks and you know it.”

                “Oh yeah? If that’s what you really feel about it, then why don’t I just head out and let you and your sister have this damn house! I don’t have time for this.” Bleu grabbed his keys off the hall hook and prepared to leave.

                “No problem. Run away like you always do. If singing and rap doesn’t pan out for you you could always try out for somebody’s track team!” Ava yelled at Bleu’s back as he walked out the front door and jumped in his truck.

Season 1 | Episode 3.5

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Everyone turned around and looked at Sidora as if she had three heads sprouting from her neck. They all knew she and Semaj were forever bumping heads and the thought of them living together immediately sent up red flags.

“I know what I’m doing – she can stay here…” Sidora let out an exasperated sigh because she knew allowing her sister to stay with her would be a job in and of itself.

“Sid, you’re a busy career woman. Semaj is not capable of being left alone for long periods of time.”

“Daddy, I can handle Semaj. My assistant is out on maternity leave anyway and instead of hiring some temp, I can just put Maj in her place.” Drew looked from one daughter to the other and felt the girls had something up their sleeves, he just couldn’t put his finger on it. Before Drew had a chance to interject, a voice from behind him caught him off guard.

“Let her handle it, Drew.” The voice was calm and steady and had come in at just the right time. Drew turned his head around and faced his wife, Stormy who was standing there decked out in a linen pants suit and dark colored sunglasses. Her hair was pulled back into one French braid and she stood with her arm folded across her chest as if she was waiting for Drew to challenge her.

“Storm, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be back from your conference for another week.” Stormy took her sunglasses off and entered the house as she spoke.

“I cut my conference short when my phone started ringing off the hook about my youngest daughter and her damn mug shot. Do you know how embarrassing that was? Here I am hosting a conference for my nonprofit organization called “My Daughter’s Keeper” and I can’t even keep my own daughter out of jail.” Stormy shook her head as she kissed all three of her daughters on the cheek and then sauntered over to the couch. Everyone followed behind Stormy and took different seats in the living room.

“I already know your father came over here and jumped down your throat so I won’t even waste my breath but what I do want to know is how you plan to rectify this? You’re twenty-one years old and you’re turning into the black Lindsay Lohan. That girl has already gotten herself pretty much blackballed from Hollywood and you do not need to be rolling down the same path. Get yourself together Semaj.” Stormy never once raised her voice but they all knew she meant business. She was the constant voice of reason and the glue that kept her family together.

“I know, Mommy. I’m going to fix it.” Semaj said feeling like a kid all over again.

“I sure hope so… Drew, Sid – meet me in the kitchen please.” Stormy got up and traipsed into the kitchen leaving Ava and Semaj alone in the living room.

“Maj what’s going on with you lately? You know you can talk to me right?” Ava asked her sister as she sat next to her on the couch.

“I don’t know, Ava. Stress has a lot to deal with it though. I come from this super perfect family… All of you have these great careers and everyone looks to me and it’s like they’re all asking what the hell are you doing with your life? Syir was a rapper, Sid’s a lawyer, you’re head of your own media relations firm, Mom owns her own nonprofit and Daddy owns a record company. I can’t go out and get some bogus ass nine to five. I have to be just as perfect as all of you. That’s a lot of pressure.”

“Maj, no one in this family is perfect.”

“Oh really? Try telling that to everyone else. And I don’t know. I guess I rebel and lash out to create my own identity. I don’t want to be the family screw up but being regular ol’ Semaj isn’t an option either… I just really wish I could turn back the hands of time and fix this mess.” Semaj was being truthful with her sister because unlike Sidora, Ava never judged or came down hard on her. They were only four years apart in age and they were always close. Times like this flowed naturally for the sisters.

“Go grab me a pen and a piece of paper off the end table.” Ava said peeking her head around the corner for their parents or Sidora.

“For what?” Semaj asked handing the utensils over to her sister.

“We’re leaving Sid a note. You’re coming with me.” Ava quickly wrote her sister a note, grabbed her bag and Semaj’s hand and eased out of the front door before anyone noticed they were gone…

This week’s episode is in Memory of Monique Chanae’s mother, 

Ms. Pamela Tillman who passed away suddenly on August 24, 2014




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Season 1 | Episode 2

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                Sidora was awakened from her slumber by the deep baritone voice she knew belonged to her father. Drew Bankston was standing at her bedside with his arms folded across his chest and a scowl was planted on his face. It was evident that he was pissed.

                “I know you can hear me so let’s go – wake that ass on up. I already woke up Curly and Larry so let’s go Moe. Wake up and get downstairs in the next five minutes. Don’t make me come back up here.” Drew ordered referencing his daughters to the Three Stooges. Sidora knew he must’ve seen Semaj’s face plastered all over the news once again and wanted to know why he hadn’t been called first.

“Daddy, I already know why you’re here but why do you need all of us downstairs? This is Semaj’s mess so technically she’s the only one you need to be talking to right now.” Sidora pulled the blanket back over her head and nuzzled closer to her pillow. Drew lightly chuckled at his daughter’s attempt to brush him off. In one swift motion Drew snatched the blanket from Sidora’s bed entirely and spoke.

“This is a Bankston issue and the last time I checked, you were a Bankston so again, get up and get downstairs. I’m not going to repeat myself for a third time.” and with that, Drew turned around and headed back downstairs.

Drew Bankston walked down the stairs with his hands buried in the pockets of his Armani slacks and a ton on his mind. For the last six months, he and his family had been hit from all angles with the death of his son Syir causing quite the stir in Georgia. Drew made no qualms about his life – he was pretty much an open book with the public but when it came to his family, he preferred to keep certain things quiet and it was his secrecy that caused the uproar when his son was murdered.

As Drew made his way into the kitchen to pour himself a shot of Bourbon he stood at the center island and thought about the night his son had been murdered…

Drew had gone all out for his son’s second album release party. After the successful year Syir had had with debuting at number one on the Billboard 200 charts and generating several notable singles, it was no surprise when his album went certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. To commemorate all of his son’s accomplishments from the year prior, Drew threw him the party of the century. Drew rented out the Atlanta hotspot – Vanquish Lounge and had anybody who was anybody come down to help his son celebrate. With Drew’s status as founder of Supreme Records and history as a former rapper back in the early 90s, it was a piece of cake getting countless celebrities to come out and show love to one of the most talented lyricists of the era.

Drew spotted his son in the VIP area celebrating with friends and family. He smiled at the fact that his son was following the dreams he had talked about when he was younger and finally living up to them. Syir was the epitome of that old time saying that “dreams don’t work unless you do.” Drew walked over to his son who was laughing and had a bottle of Belvedere in each hand.

“Would you guys please excuse me, I need to have a word with my son.” Drew greeted everyone and then said once he made it over to him.

“Alright, don’t drink up all my liquor while I’m gone.” Syir joked with his friends before stepping away with his father.

They walked down to the first floor level of the club and over to a secluded area. Syir started smiling from ear to ear as he looked around at all the people who came out to support him.

“So what’s up Dad?”

“I won’t keep you away from your guests for too long. I just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you. You saw what you wanted at an early age and you went after it. You never once stopped, you just kept at it. I couldn’t ask for a better son.”

Syir looked up at the ceiling to keep his tears at bay. His father was always telling him and his sisters how proud he was of them but for some reason, this moment just felt different.

“Come on Pops don’t start with all of that mushy stuff.” Drew chuckled at his son’s weak attempt to keep his composure. Syir washed his hand over his almond colored face and pinched the tip of his nose to keep from crying.

“Look son, I see you working hard on a constant making a name for yourself. I also see all the fame and glory of what your music brings – and the breath of fresh air your lyrics breathe into this industry is unmatched… You know that I am not new to this game.”

“Yeah I know Pops, if you wanted to you could probably out rap me.” Syir laughed knowing just how good his father was. Drew looked over at his son and smirked briefly reminiscing about the days when he used to bless the mic.

“Probably? Son I will spit one verse that will make you want to hang your mic up for good.” He looked at him like he should have known better than to say something like that. Then he popped his collar sending his son into a laughing fit.

“Let’s get serious for a minute though. I’m proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I’m happy to see that you’re not letting this industry swallow you whole. For some reason the entertainment industry has a habit of seeking out young talent and trying to destroy it.  You see what it’s done for all those child stars on TV…” Drew’s voice drifted off and Syir immediately knew why.

“You mean like what it’s doing to Semaj?” Syir asked knowing his sister was on a slow spiral downhill.

“Yes, like what it’s doing to your sister. But tonight is not about Semaj. What I’m saying is that I’m extremely proud of you and I want you to continue to be the beast that you are lyrically. There’s longevity in you son. You know that I love you more than anything…”

“More than your three princesses?” He asked with a smile trying to lighten his father’s mood.

Drew looked at his son with a smirk. “I love my princesses and prince equally. Let’s leave it at that.”

“Good answer old man…I’m just playing anyway.” He said quickly when his father got in a boxing stance.

“Yeah you better clear that up quick. I have something for you to show just how much you and your dreams mean to me.” Drew dug into his jacket pocket and pulled out a nice size box. He handed it over to Syir and waited for him to open it. Syir opened the box and looked closely inside of the face of the watch. His initials SB were on the inside in old-time script writing. He took the watch out and was about to put it on until his dad stopped him.

“Stop being so eager and take a look at the inside of the watch.” He chuckled.

Syir looked at the inside and started grinning. He read out loud the words that are engraved inside.

My Prince Syir, my first born. I knew you were special the moment I laid eyes on you. And now the world gets to be blessed with one of my greatest creations.

Syir’s eyes began to water once again but his father stopped him by resting a hand on his shoulder.

“You’re my Prince and no matter how old you get, you will always be my Prince. I love you boy.”

“I love you too Pop.” Syir embraced his father in an extremely tight embrace as if he never wanted to let him go. In that moment, it was as if Syir had reverted back to the five-year old little boy who fell off his bike and only felt better when he hugged his daddy.

“Syir! Mr. Bankston! Can I get a picture of you two?” a photographer called out to the two men grabbing their attention. The two Bankston men separated and stood with one shoulder draped across the other’s neck and Syir threw up the PEACE sign while also showing off his new watch. As soon as the photographer’s camera flashed, Drew was snapped out of his memory.

“Daddy!” Semaj yelled in Drew’s ear causing his to drop his glass of Bourbon.

“Girl, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“We’ve all been calling your name for the past five minutes and you were zoned out. What’s wrong?” She quipped scrunching her face up and looking at her father as if she didn’t know who he was.

“Oh…” Drew looked around the kitchen and saw all three of daughters spread out and staring at him.

“Are you okay, Daddy? Should we call a doctor?” Ava asked digging into her purse to grab her cell phone. Being a parent herself, Ava never hesitated to call a physician if there was something wrong and she couldn’t diagnosis it.

“Yeah, Ava. I’m fine. I was just thinking about something is all… But anyway, you all know why I’m here so somebody needs to start talking.” Drew had made a general statement but was looking directly at Sidora when he said it. Sidora brought the rim of her glasses down to the tip of her nose and looked back at her father.

                “Why are you looking at me?” Sidora asked defensively.

                “You went to go get her so I figured since you were her mouthpiece down there at the jail, you’d have no problem being her mouthpiece now.” Drew said sarcastically knowing he was irritating his daughter. No matter how mad any one of her siblings made her she was always there to save them. She had the same protective spirit as her father and maybe that’s what made him come down on her the hardest at times.

                “Daddy, I am Semaj’s lawyer so I had to go and bail her out. I’m pretty sure had I left her sitting there all weekend you would’ve had a damn fit.”

                “Watch your mouth Sid.” Drew warned.

                “No, how about you ask Semaj why she thought it was okay to smash Derrick’s windows out?” Drew turned to his youngest daughter with a look that could kill if it was possible.

                “Are you stupid, simple or slow, Semaj? Which one?” Drew probed fuming with anger.

                “What?” Semaj asked in bewilderment.

                “I’m serious. You have to be one of those or I’m going to assume you’re high off somebody’s pill… You know what, Sidora, next time leave her ass there. Do you know what this does to us, Semaj? It gives the media another open chance to drag our names through the mud. In eight months, you’ve been fired from your job, sent to rehab, lost your brother and didn’t bother to show your face at his funeral and now you’re running around breaking folks’ windows? I swear I don’t know what’s going on with you lately but if I have to sit on your ass until you get it together I will.” Drew’s voice bounced off the walls of Sidora’s kitchen and everyone was taken aback. It had been a long time since they had heard Drew yell like that and it was the first time he mentioned Semaj’s absence from Syir’s funeral service.

                “Daddy I handled Syir’s death differently. I didn’t want to –“ Semaj began but Drew cut her off.

                “I don’t want to hear it. He was your brother Semaj! Your flesh and fucking blood! You chose to not pay your final respects and that cuts me deep. While we were laying your brother to rest you were out gallivanting the streets of Atlanta doing God knows what.”

                “Daddy, maybe you should calm down a little bit.” Ava said in a soft voice, scared that if she was any louder he’d turn his anger on her. Semaj sat in her seat across from Drew crying. It had been a while since one of her parents reprimanded her and the pain of Drew’s words hurt her soul. Every day she lived with the regret of not going to Syir’s funeral but hearing her father say how her absence had hurt him, it hurt ten times worst. Sidora stood off to the side watching as her father attacked her sister. Indeed she deserved it but she had to admit even she felt sorry for her.

                “I am calm!” Drew’s voice boomed. Drew rose from his seat on a kitchen barstool and looked over at Semaj.

                “Let’s go.”

                “What? Where am I going?”

                “Home with me and your mother. It’s obvious that you’re too immature to live on your own so back home you go – I’m not going to say it again.” Drew began walking towards the front door and reluctantly Semaj got up and followed behind her father. Just as Drew reached for the door handle and opened it, Sidora belted out a phrase that she knew she’d probably regret.

                “She can stay here with me!”

Season 1 | Episode 1

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                Sidora tapped her sneaker feverishly against the linoleum floor in the foyer of the police precinct. She had been impatiently waiting on her client to be released for over an hour now and being that it was a little after midnight, she was beyond irritated. Another ten minutes passed with no signs of her client and Sidora had had enough. Getting up from her seat, Sidora prepared to ask the desk clerk what the hell was taking so long but was cut short by the sound of footsteps coming her way.

                “She’ll have to report to court on Monday morning.” The escorting officer said as he uncuffed her client who turned around and rolled her eyes at him.

                “Whatever.” She mumbled with a blatant attitude and the officer did not appreciate her tone.

                “Excuse me?” Sidora quickly slapped her hand over the young woman’s mouth and spoke for her.

                “She didn’t say anything. Thank you again officer.” She said quickly dragging her client away from the officer and back over to the chair she was sitting in. Picking a baseball cap and dark sunglasses up off the chair, Sidora shoved them in her client’s hands.

                “What’s this for?”

                “Put it on so we can go.”

                “What? I’m not putting this hat on my head. It’s going to mess up my hair.”

                “Put on the damn hat or stay here!” Sidora said with her arms folded across her chest not leaving any room for an argument. Reluctantly she pulled the hat over her head and then placed the sunglasses over her eyes.

                “Is this really necessary?”

                “Look, it’s almost one in the morning and there are already news people buzzing with your name in their mouth. All I need is a picture of your mugshot and a picture with you leaving jail hitting the morning paper before I get the chance to talk to Daddy.”

                “Look at you, looking out for your baby sister.” She smirked.

                “Semaj – not now. I am ready to go home and get back in my bed… Oh and save that sister shit because it’s no secret that family is the last thing you care about. Let’s go.” Sidora pushed the door open and headed straight for her car leaving her youngest sister Semaj standing in the police precinct’s foyer with her mouth wide open.


                “What the hell did little miss starlet do this time?” Sidora and Semaj’s sister Ava asked from the couch the moment they walked through the front door of Sidora’s home.

                “Are you serious right now? How long have you been sitting here? And where is my niece? I know Bleu didn’t let you out the house this late.”

                “I’m dead serious. You called me on your way to the precinct so damn right, I’m here. What did you do Semaj?” Semaj looked between her two older sisters and rolled her eyes. She was not in the mood to be lectured. With the rough night she had had all she wanted to do was lay down in a nice, soft bed and go to sleep.

                “She busted out the windows to Derrick’s Porsche and then threatened, wait let me get this right, ‘to fuck him up if he ever tried to play her for a fool again’.”

                “Derrick!” Ava exclaimed. “As in your ex-boyfriend Derrick who you broke up with three months ago? Maj, you’re fucking stupid! That boy could’ve pressed charges on your ass. You’re lucky he only called Sidora and not Daddy.”

                “Oh but wait, it gets better. On the way home I stopped for damn gas and checked the blogs from my phone – guess who’s the headlining story before 3 a.m.” Sidora said tossing her phone on the couch beside her sister. Ava grabbed the phone and looked at the headline and immediately shook her head.

                “I swear you have got to be the dumbest person I’ve ever met in life. You don’t need this right now Semaj! None of us do! Mom and Dad are going to fucking flip when they see this.”

                “Are you both done with the Sisters Know Best moment? I want to get some sleep.” Semaj replied very nonchalantly which immediately sent Sidora into overload. Sidora walked straight up to her younger sister and stood directly in her face.

                “Listen and listen good, you are not a baby anymore, Semaj. You are twenty-one years old so legally, you’re a damn adult. I shouldn’t have went to go get you but when you called me I felt sorry for you but don’t mistake it – this does not change anything. I’m still hot with your ass for not showing up to our brother’s funeral.” The minute Sidora brought up Syir, Ava knew it was only a matter of time before their exchange of words became an exchange of fists. Hurriedly jumping up from her place on the couch, Ava jumped in between her sisters.

                “Sid, maybe now isn’t the right time to bring that up I mean, come on it’s been a long night for all of us. Maybe if we all just got some rest, we could wake up in the morning with clearer minds and talk about this but right now it’s just going to turn into a shouting match.”

                “Ava I know what you’re trying to do but no thank you.” Semaj rested a hand gently on her shoulder before side stepping her and walking over to Sidora. “If you didn’t want to come and get me you could’ve stayed your ass in bed… And as for Sy, you can’t tell me what I should’ve done. You’re not me and I’m damn sure not your mini me. I dealt with Sy’s death in a way that worked for me. If you don’t like it tough titties. Good night sisters!” Semaj stormed up the stairs after telling her older sister off and if it hadn’t been for Ava holding Sidora back, Sidora’s size eight foot would’ve been lodged in Semaj’s ass.

                “That girl has lost her damn mind Ava! Did you hear that bull she was talking? You know what, forget it. I’m tired of babysitting Semaj. I’m going to bed. I love you Ava.” Sidora embraced her sister in a hug and kissed her cheek before running her fingers through her hair and making her way up the stairs to her bedroom. Once Ava heard Sidora’s bedroom door slam shut, she sat back down on the couch and shook her head. She knew Semaj had opened up a can of worms with this latest stunt and the Semaj vs. Sidora fiasco was only just beginning.